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Is there any difference between the crap tables of Nevada and those in Atlantic City?

Excluding the ability in Nevada to take higher odds on your line bets, the biggest difference on the craps table layout in Atlantic City is there is no big 6 or 8. When the player bets on the big 6 or 8, the payoff is even money, whereas it is 7-to-6 bet when either the 6 or 8 is wagered as a “place bet” in either state. The latter is a much smarter wager.

What are those funny little blackjack abbreviations like H17, RSA and DOA mean ?

Authors Ovid Demaris and Ed Reid’s conception of DOA was the cautionary advice they gave in their 1963 book, The Truth About Las Vegas. “The surest way to beat Las Vegas is to get off the plane that has taken you there and walk straight into the propeller.” It’s actually the rule variations/conditions that each particular casino offers for blackjack. Below are some you would typically see.

BSE = Basic Strategy Edge
H17 = Hit soft 17 (dealer must hit)
S17 = Stand on any 17 (dealer must stand)
DOA = Double On Any first two cards
D10 = Double on 10 or 11 only
DAS = Double After Splitting is allowed
RSA = Re-Splitting Aces is allowed
ESR = Early Surrender
LSR = Late Surrender
O/U = Over/Under 13 side bets are allowed

Are casino owners ever afraid of system players?

Gamblers believe in systems, the casinos believe in the mathematics of the games. Most, if not all, casino owners would be willing to give away the house-room, food and beverage-to any system player willing to wager big bucks.

Who controls the payback of a slot machine, the slot manufacturer or the casino?

Today’s slot machines contain a random number generator (RNG) that controls the payback percentage of each machine. When a casino purchases a slot machine it tells the manufacturer what percentage it wants that particular machine to return to its customers. A casino can always change the payback percentage, but it must go back to the manufacturer and have them reprogram the RNG.

Is it important in video poker to play the full number of coins?

Yes, because if you look at the paytable closely you will notice a non-symmetrical progression on the royal flush payline. Your typical royal flush payline looks like this; 250, 500, 750, 1000, 4000. Note the jump with the fifth coin inserted. Not playing that fifth coin, will cost you 12% over the long haul.

Is it legal to chart the rolls on a roulette table and then bet accordingly?

Any attempts to impose numerical precision on a game that insists upon remaining imprecise is futile. It is permissible to “chart” the results of spins in an attempt to identify and exploit streaks, but because each spin is an independent event, no previous results have any bearing on what happens in the future.

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